December News Letter

The last training session before Christmas is the 13th December 2017.

The club reopens in the new-year on the 10th January 2018.

 As most of you are aware the hire fees for our present venue increased in September 2017 and an increase in mat fees looked imminent, however, Jemma thought this was not good news and decided to do something about it. She announced that she would compete in the 2017 Peterborough half marathon and sought sponsors. Despite a damaged ankle Jemma took part and completed the event, thanks to our members, friends and previous club members Jemma raised £1000, 00.  We are able not to increase the mat fees at this time. A big thank you to all and also to Jemma who is a most reluctant runner, this is the first time she has run in any of her personal training schedules.

 Four of our senior members are in the process or have just completed taking their level one coaching qualification increasing the clubs pool of coaches. These people are a valuable asset to the club. For each person to gain this qualification requires them giving-up several weekends with a financial cost. To maintain these qualifications all coach’s have to revalidate all the individual sections of their qualification in each three year cycle.

All our coaching team are all volunteers, the club is a none profit making unit its aim is to teach a good standard of judo at a reasonable cost to the students.

 We owe a vote of thanks to Robin Gell 6th  Dan who has given his time to visit us to coach our seniors in his vision of exceptional good groundwork over this past year.

 On the 14th January 2018 the Eastern area is hosting a senior low grade competition

When the details become available I will distribute them to any interested member.

 We need to increase our junior membership, we have had some valuable help in some advertising leaflets being printed and some of our parents and members have distributed some of these leaflets  around the Peterborough area. Any suggestions on how we can improve the junior membership would be appreciated

Wishing you all a merry, happy Christmas and a good new year

 Angela, Jemma, Allen and John