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December News Letter

The last training session before Christmas is the 13th December 2017.

The club reopens in the new-year on the 10th January 2018.

 As most of you are aware the hire fees for our present venue increased in September 2017 and an increase in mat fees looked imminent, however, Jemma thought this was not good news and decided to do something about it. She announced that she would compete in the 2017 Peterborough half marathon and sought sponsors. Despite a damaged ankle Jemma took part and completed the event, thanks to our members, friends and previous club members Jemma raised £1000, 00.  We are able not to increase the mat fees at this time. A big thank you to all and also to Jemma who is a most reluctant runner, this is the first time she has run in any of her personal training schedules.

 Four of our senior members are in the process or have just completed taking their level one coaching qualification increasing the clubs pool of coaches. These people are a valuable asset to the club. For each person to gain this qualification requires them giving-up several weekends with a financial cost. To maintain these qualifications all coach’s have to revalidate all the individual sections of their qualification in each three year cycle.

All our coaching team are all volunteers, the club is a none profit making unit its aim is to teach a good standard of judo at a reasonable cost to the students.

 We owe a vote of thanks to Robin Gell 6th  Dan who has given his time to visit us to coach our seniors in his vision of exceptional good groundwork over this past year.

 On the 14th January 2018 the Eastern area is hosting a senior low grade competition

When the details become available I will distribute them to any interested member.

 We need to increase our junior membership, we have had some valuable help in some advertising leaflets being printed and some of our parents and members have distributed some of these leaflets  around the Peterborough area. Any suggestions on how we can improve the junior membership would be appreciated

Wishing you all a merry, happy Christmas and a good new year

 Angela, Jemma, Allen and John     

An Evening of Judo with Brian Jacks

Brian Jacks 10th DAN

One of the most celebrated names in the history of British judo, Brian Jacks will be visiting Bedford Judo Club on Monday 25th September 2017. Brian has multiple awards to his name including:

  • Multiple British Open Middleweight Champion
  • European Middleweight Champion Berlin 1970
  • European Middleweight Champion Madrid 1973
  • Bronze in World Championships Salt Lake City 1967
  • Bronze in Munich Olympic Games 1972
  • “Superstar” of the Superstars competition on BBC TV

Juniors session will be from 7:00pm – 7:55pm

Seniors session from 8:00pm – 9:30pm

Prices are £10 for Juniors session (£5 for club members), £15 for Senior session

To reserve a place, fill out the attached form at the bottom of this article and return to:

Robin Gell,

14 Beauchamp Road


Bedford MK43 9JP

Tel:      01234768601


Dick Copperthwaite, Tony Barton or Andy Maddox at the club before 25th August 2017


Summer 2017 news


                   SUMMER BREAK NEWS LETTER

 The last junior training session before the summer break is 12th July 2017  The club will reopen on Wednesday 6th September 2017

 The last senior training session before the summer break is the 19th July 2017

The club will reopen on Wednesday 6th September 2017.

 Thomas Deacon Academy is hosting a Junior Fun Day on Saturday 15th July the judo club has agreed to be a part of this day we will be there from 11.30am to 2.30pm and we will hold judo demonstrations and give any interested juniors the opportunity for short taster sessions throughout the day in the hope of gaining more new members in the autumn term.

We need the use of a small folding table to present our documentation from (help).

 As previously stated the club has an increase in the venue`s hire charges in September.

With the help of our most reluctant runner Jemma who has stated that she is to take part in the Peterborough half marathon later this year and she wishes it to be known that she can run and will complete the course.

Jemma`s aim is to gain sponsors to help her to assist in increasing the judo clubs finances to assist in coping with this cost increase.        

 With Jemma`s help and a little luck we may be able to absorb the cost increase, if not in the new year we may have to increase the mat fees. The club is a none profit making club all our coaching team and support volunteers give their time freely.

 We hope that you all have a good summer and we hope to see you all on the 6th September.

                                                           Best wishes

                                         Angela, Jemma, Allen and John


December News Letter

                                  THOMAS DEACON JUDO CLUB

                                               NEWS LETTER

December 2016

The club has several types of advertising posters it would like to distribute around the Peterborough area if any member of the club has access to placing a poster in a prominent position to assist with advertising the club please talk to John he will supply what you require.

We have places available in both the junior and senior sections of the club.

As you are aware we are a nonprofit making club and have little financial funding to produce commercial advertising.

The last training session in December is on Wednesday 14th December 2016 and the first training session in the new-year is on Wednesday 4th January 2017.

The recent training senior sessions taken by a visiting coach our friend Robin Gell 6th Dan have been very well received and the judoka have found them very interesting and instructive, these sessions will hopefully progress in the New Year.

Information on area events in 2017:

15th January 2017: Schools competition- low grade senior competition & a competitive Dan Grading.

04th February 2017: National pre cadet/cadet open

26th February 2017: Littleport Mini age group

12th March 2017: Area AGM and revalidation day (possible inclusion course)

8/9th April 2017: Technical Dan grading weekend course/assessment

14th May 2017:  Team league & competitive Dan Grading

11 June: Eastern area 4s competition any grade & a competitive Dan grading

2nd July 2017 Littleport age banded competition

13th August 2017: Area ranking seniors

8th October 2017: Schools Competition, low grade senior competition, JB Keith team Championships and a competitive Dan grading.

5th November 2017: eastern Area closed

19th November 2017: Area Technical conference (Revalidation)

26th November 2017: Littleport Competition 7 Competitive Dan grading.

All the coaching staff wishes all the club members and their families a very happy Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.

Best wishes

Angela, Jemma, Allen, Chris & John

Summer News

                                    THOMAS DEACON JUDO CLUB

                                          SUMMER NEWS LETTER

Following the success of Christopher Payne in gaining the grade first Dan (Black Belt) on the 20th May this year displaying his skill, knowledge and experience congratulations.

On Saturday 11th of June Wayne Poulter went over to Bedford to take part in a Dan grading hoping to achieve his Black Belt. He won two contests to enable to enable him to take a line-up, this is where has to face three opponents, one after the other without a break, and win every contest with the maximum score, we are delighted to tell you Wayne achieved this in great style.

Well done to both of you, having two new First Dan’s in the club is great news it is a pleasure to see all your hard work pay off and for you both and for you both attain your goal.

On Sunday 12 June four of our seniors went to Thetford to a competition. Nicky Rogers got gold after an amazing day, he won each contest by Ippon (Maximum points), and excellent day Nicky you were Unstoppable.

Julian Catto got silver. Julian had the most amazing Ippon throw we have seen for a long time, a text book set up and a brilliant Ippon throw.

Matt Horne and Richie Mctell both got a bronze. Matt showed Great Spirit and great potential for his next competition. He fought against much heavier opponents as they amalgamated different weight groups.

Richie I have to take my hat off to after only doing approx 12 weeks of judo, not knowing the contest rules and having the commands translated for him, he fought his heart out. Both players displayed good judo.

Well done to all our players a fantastic weekend excellent results well done boys.


The last training session before the summer break is the 20th July 2016

The club will reopen for training on the Wednesday 7th September 2016

All training times as normal.

Future events

Sunday 3rd July 16 Littleport Green and under open competition

20th November 16 Coaching Master Class with Colin Oates (Olympian) followed by a refereeing update with Mark Waterhouse and Colin Oates. This is a revalidation event for coaches.

27th November 16 Littleport youth and senior open with a Competitive Dan Grading.

I have been told that later on in the year the area is to host a team’s championships I hope that as a club we can enter 1 or 2 teams in this event.

We hope that you all have a nice summer holiday

Best wishes

Angela, Jemma, Allen, Chris and John

News December 2015

                               THOMAS DEACON JUDO CLUB

NEWS LETTER November 2015

The club has been informed that the hire fee for our venue is to increase by 66% in 2016.

As a none profit club run by unpaid volunteers we will have to increase in the mat fees in January 2016 from £3.00 to £4.50 for Juniors and Seniors fees from £3.50 to £5.00 per session.

On Wednesday 02nd December 2015 we will host our junior closed competition.

On the 18 &25th November and 2nd & 9th December 2015 plus 6th January and 13th January 2016 we will be practicing in the Examination hall due to major examinations taking place in the main sports hall. The examination hall is the adjacent building to the main entrance to the academy.

The last training session this year will be 16th December 2015 and we will restart on Wednesday 6th January 2016.

Congratulations to Jemma who after 6 years absence from competitions entered the 2015 BJA National Masters Open Championships on Saturday 17th October and came third winning the Bronze medal.


Sunday 1st November 12 Eastern Area Closed age Banded Championships Details/application form from John

Sunday 29th November 15 Littleport Youth and Senior open Competition

Details/application form from John

24th January 2015 School Competition Details to follow Dan Grading see John

20th March 2016   Low grade Blue and below competition Details later Dan Grading

9/10 April 2016 Technical Dan Grade Promotion examination for detail see John

12 June Eastern Area Fours Details later Dan grading see john

2nd October 2016 Low grade competition details later Dan Grading

News June 2015

The clubs last training session is 15th July then the club will close for the summer holidays and will reopen on the 02nd of September 2015.

On Wednesday evening the 8th July the club competition will be held this is to give the junior members the initial experience of a judo competition in an informal friendly environment. Family’s and friends are very welcome to attend the event to give their support to there own.

If at all possible we would appreciate those wishing to take part to be at the club just before 6.30 to allow for the booking – in to take place.

The club is at this time progressing to renew the Club Mark award.

We would welcome any junior or adult to attend and take part in a taster session for free if they are interested in trying judo.

Please remember to renew your membership of the British Judo Association (BJA) as required it is very important.

Please note that the club is a none profit making and all the officials of the Judo Club are volunteers and give there time for free the aim of the club is to teach good technical judo in a relaxed friendly safe environment.

Any suggestions that you may have please talk to one of the club officials we have no money so we are restricted on what we can achieve from a financial base.

Promotion examinations up to 18th Mon and First Kyu are held within the Club the BJA fee for registering the grade is £10.00

Eastern Area Competitions – Events

05th July 2015: Littleport Age Banded competition

19th July 2015: Eastern area A4s competition any grade+ Masters

Dan Grade competitive Promotion examination

26th July 2015: Area squad training session

08th August 2015: UKCC Level 2 coaching course 1st weekend Wymondham

09th August 2015: UKCC Level 2 coaching course 1st weekend Wymondham

15th August 2015: Eastern Area Junior Open Competition

16th August 2015: Eastern Area Senior Open Competition

27th September 2015: Area Squad training Session

04th October 2015: Under 12 -6th Mon, +12 -12 Mon & Senior -2nd Kyu competition

Dan Grade Competitive Promotion Examination

17th October 2015: UKCC Level 2 Coaching Course 2nd Weekend Wymondham

18th October 2015: UKCC Level 2 Coaching Course 2nd Weekend Wymondham

01st November 2015: Eastern Area Closed competition

14th November 2015: Master Class Norwich Premier club

21st November 2015 Level 2 Assessment coaching course Wymondham

29th November 2012 Littleport Senior competition + Dan Grade Competitive Promotion Examination

06th December 2015 Area Technical Conference Thetford (Revalidation)

Summer 2014 Newsletter

If you see/meet any of our club members please let them know about the closure

The Junior summer club championships will take place on Wednesday 2nd July parents and families are all welcome to this event. It is an opportunity to gain some competition experience within our own club plus family members can watch and see the development of our members.
We would like all our junior members to take part in this event it is a good experience and good fun

Wednesday 9th July senior judo coach Mr Robin Gell 6th Dan is visiting our club to take the training session, this is a great opportunity to work with a first class leading coach his speciality is ground work he is in my opinion one of the best coaches in Great Britain.
Do not miss this opportunity to train and be coached by Robin.

The last training session before the summer break is July 16th 2014
The club reopens 03rd September 2014

Three of our senior members Julian Catto, Neal McQuade & Nicky Rogers took part in their first competition the Eastern area fours Kyu grade competition gaining good experience and success winning two silvers and a bronze between them.
Very good for a first competition.


06th July 2014 Littleport junior age banded competition John has all the details
16th August 14 Eastern Area Junior competition
17th August 14 Eastern area Senior competition
28th September 14 Ipswich Junior Team championships (We should enter a team/s in this event)
05th October 14 Area closed junior 6th Mon and under competition followed by a Dan grade promotion examination.
30th November 14 Littleport Senior competition and Dan grade promotion examination.
I will update the list of events as the information becomes available
If you require any information on any of the above please talk to John


Have a good summer